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building a family budget, that works!

  As distasteful as the task may seem, it really is important to map out your expenses and purchases so you can see just where your money is going. The following tips can help you build a budget that actually works. 1. Opt for simplicity. You can harness the power of Excel spreadsheets, Quicken and other software programs, but there’s also nothing wrong with using an old-fashioned pencil and piece of paper. The main objective is to figure out whether you need or... Continue Reading >

10 tips for home flipping

Kathleen Finnegan Buying, renovating and selling a house for profit, known as house flipping, is the latest buzzword in real estate. There is no magical formula to ensure success at flipping houses. However, there are essential tips to help investors earn more money. 1. Do not get emotional about house flipping. It is after all a business. If the numbers do not work, proceed to the next property. Some investors commit the mistake of being too attached to the flip that they sell... Continue Reading >

getting prepared for pre-approval

What is a pre-approval? A pre-approval is a commitment in writing from a lender that a borrower would qualify for a particular loan amount based on income and credit information. Most pre-approval letters are good for 60 to 90 days. Why you should get pre-approved? There are many reasons why you should get pre-approved. The most important reason you should get pre-approved early in the process of purchasing a home is that you will get an accurate idea of how much you can... Continue Reading >

home buyer tech tools

Home buyers are increasingly depending on the internet when beginning their search. Here are a few sites that are sure to lend a hand. Google Maps Real Estate Google Maps has grown enormously as a service since its launch in 2005, adding features like walking directions and Street View [source: Google]. Type in an address in any populated area, and Google Maps can likely pinpoint local businesses and give you a good look at it with satellite imagery. But there's another feature... Continue Reading >

travel tips for the holiday’s

Kathleen Finnegan Wherever you're heading, if you're traveling during the holiday season, you need to realize that everyone else in the world is, too. But don't let invasive security scanners, terrible drivers and long lines at airports get you down. Here are a few tips to survive the holiday travel season without a Frosty the Snowman-size meltdown. Do your research. Plan alternative trips if traffic makes your way home too overwhelming. Is there a scenic drive that might be longer but have less traffic? Break up... Continue Reading >

are you water-wise?

Kathleen Finnegan Water conservation has become an essential practice in all regions, even in areas where water seems abundant. In addition to saving money on your utility bill, water conservation helps prevent water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers and local watersheds. Conserving water can also extend the life of your septic system by reducing soil saturation, and reducing any pollution due to leaks. Overloading municipal sewer systems can also cause untreated sewage to flow to lakes and rivers. The smaller the amount of water... Continue Reading >

quick tips for hosting a greener holiday party

Kathleen Finnegan   Here are 16 tips for eco-friendly entertaining: 1. Use a website that helps you design and send invites, and even track RSVPs. 2. Decorate the tree with fairy lights made from LEDs and the garden with solar-powered LED bulb, fairy, and rope lights. They use just 10 to 20 percent as much power as conventional bulbs and last 10,000 hours. 3. Using candles for effect (and to save energy)? Choose soy or beeswax, which don’t contain petroleum-based paraffin. 4. Simmer cinnamon sticks on the... Continue Reading >

6 tips to prevent identity theft

Kathleen Finnegan   Once identity thieves gain access to personal information, they can purchase items on your credit card, open new credit cards, or even file a fraudulent tax return in your name. Consider these tips to help keep your personal information safe and secure and protect you from identity theft: 1. Create Strong Passwords and Update them Frequently. Remember to create a strong password, by avoiding common or easy-to-guess passwords. Common passwords often include a birth date, a pet’s name, a mother’s maiden name,... Continue Reading >

take back your backyard

Kathleen Finnegan Even if you're not trying to sell your home, you can increase its value by landscaping your lawn and creating a retreat that you, your family and friends can enjoy. Quality landscape design and installation will add value to your property and help it sell faster, landscape pros agree. If you're on a tight budget, hire a landscape architect or designer to create a design then install the landscaping yourself -- over time, if you have to. 1. Plant Rambling Vines Clematis... Continue Reading >

now you know – Calabasas fun facts

Did you know that the City of Calabasas is home to one of the oldest buildings in LA? That's right. It is the Leonis Adobe structure which dates back to 1844! Or, are you aware that the city's Pumpkin Festival, which happens every October, is to honor the name of the city, Calabasas, which is believed to be named after a pumpkin or a squash, from the Spanish word Calabaza? Located only 10 miles east of the beaches of Malibu, Calabasas... Continue Reading >

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