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5 Ways To Save On Your Energy Bill & Keep Cool

With the California heat set to break a few records this summer, it will be important to keep your home cool, yet affordable. Here are 5 ways to save energy and money, while keeping your home cool all summer long.

  1. Pay  attention to the weekly weather report to predict the hottest days of the week. On those days, run the air conditioning system early that morning. Afterward, run your fans to circulate the cool air.  By cooling your home before the sun rises, the temperature is less-likely to elevate during the day.  
  2. Keep your blinds drawn and curtains closed during the hottest times of the day. By keeping the sunlight out, the cool air is more likely to stay in.
  3. Put your grill to good use. Cooking indoors whether baking, pan-frying or boiling food, increases the temperature in your home. On hot days, have fun and try grilling outdoors with your family and friends.  BBQ and popsicles are the perfect remedy to any hot day. 
  4. Unplug devices you are not using. Toasters, unused televisions, computers and microwaves can utilize energy even when they are not on. Unplugging these devices allows you to use your energy more efficiently.
  5. Close vents to all rooms that are not being used (For example: basements, guest rooms, and storage areas). By doing this, the air will  blow stronger in the important areas where you and your family reside.

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