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5 Ways to Conserve Energy and Cut Costs

Energy conservation not only benefits the planet but decreases home expenses. Small actions taken consistently, make a huge impact and can create massive savings.

Here are five simple ways to begin conserving energy at home.

Unplug large appliances at night. Even when appliances are off or in sleep mode, they can continue to suck electricity all night long. By unplugging these devices, you save hours of energy and costs.

Consider washing dishes by hand. Small meals like breakfast or lunch oftentimes can easily be washed by hand. By doing so, you limit the electricity used to power large dishwashing machines.

On hotter days, utilize fans earlier in the day to circulate the air before peak hours. Utilizing fans first limits the need for powering large air conditioning units and systems. By consistently reinforcing this habit, not only do you cut costs but limit the usage of one of the highest-powered systems in most households.

Remember to turn lights off in areas that aren’t being used. Most do this effortlessly; however, areas like the garage, porch, or patio can contain lights that remain on for days without others in the household noticing. Consider checking these areas routinely.

Consider shutting down all computers at the end of the day. Computers in hibernation mode still draw electricity. When these devices are not in use, power them down.

Share these tips with members of your household or family and observe how these simple changes decrease energy usage and monthly costs.

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