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At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s your home, why not enjoy it? Here are three simple ideas to enjoy at home on Valentine’s Day.

1. Nacho Bar

This is something the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re at home with a spouse, friend, or the kids, everyone enjoys a great nacho bar.

Gather all the essential, favorite toppings, and bowls. Then turn on some holiday music, get out a few games, and let everyone dig into the deliciousness.

2. Fondue for Two

Utilize your kitchen island or countertop for your essential display. Place your fondue pot in the center and around it place your favorite pastries. Then add any red decor including hearts, ribbon, or holiday fixings. Lastly, place two candles around the fondue, and you’ve created a special occasion for you and your special person.

3. Indulge Your At-Home Spa

This is great for anyone needing a quiet night in and desiring a little self-care.

Place your favorite bath bombs, soap, and towel near your tub. Take a few minutes and choose the mood you’d like to unwind in, then create a playlist that suits you. Lastly, take five candles and safely place them in the corners of your bathroom and you’re ready to unwind. Be sure to let anyone in your home know, you’ll need an hour of self-care and won’t be taking any calls.

Have a wonderful holiday and be sure to share your photos via social media. IG: KS_Finnegan

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