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3 Ways to Show Gratitude

The holiday season is an excellent time to tap into your gratitude toolbox. Gratitude is said to not only boost a person’s sense of happiness and physical health but by sharing gratitude with others, relationships blossom.

Also, a grateful disposition is said to reduce materialism, risk, burnout, and symptoms of depression. Here are three small acts with big impacts to help you practice gratitude daily.

  1. Handwritten Notes: Pick up a pen and a pack of notecards and send one handwritten note a week. Keep it positive, including at least one reason why you’re grateful for the connection.
  2. Small Acts of Kindness: Consider buying coffee for a coworker, being a listening ear for someone who needs it, or having lunch with a friend who is new to the area. These small acts can have a big impact.
  3. Daily Gratitude Check-Ins: By writing things you’re grateful for on a sticky note and glancing at it regularly, you’re able to reflect on your gratitude throughout the day. Even taking a simple walk at the end of the day while thinking about the things you really appreciate can ignite a sense of gratitude in your life.

Whether you’re new to taking acts of gratitude or if you just needed a simple reminder, remember, small acts can have a big impact.

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