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5 Fun Family-Friendly Activities

The first Monday in September is observed as Labor Day. The weekend leading into Monday is usually a great opportunity for friends and family to connect and enjoy.

People would typically use their break from work and school to visit relatives and friends. 

However, due to coronavirus, traveling may not be ideal. Don’t be alarmed, Labor Day is not canceled and you can still enjoy your weekend at home. 

Here are 5 family-friendly activities to do at home for Labor Day Weekend or any weekend you desire a little bit of fun.

  1. Backyard Barbeque Barbecue`s are common for Labor Day so why not grill in your own backyard? Try out new barbecue recipes and make it a new family tradition. You can set up your backyard with patio chairs and tables. Turn on the music and create memories while eating delicious grilled food.
  2. Water Play Everyone loves water play, especially children. Fill up your pool floats with water and have a splash fest. Turn on your sprinklers and make it a party! Children love to run through the sprinklers and jump and play. Fill up your water balloons and have a water balloon fight. There are so many other fun water activities that you can try at home for Labor Day. 
  3. Game/Movie Night Labor Day wouldn’t be fun without games, right? Think of some of your favorite classic games and recreate them with your family. These can be a card or board games. You can also recreate these games for outdoor play. Movie Night is also a great activity for the family. You can find a family-friendly movie, pop some popcorn, and relax with your loved ones.
  4. Bake Labor Day Desserts Baking is such a wonderful activity to do with children. Here are some fun and simple recipes that you can try with your family. Take turns adding in ingredients and sharing instructions. This is a great way to bond, but also to eat yummy desserts. These dishes can be used for your Labor Day barbecue cookout also.
  5. Labor Day Crafts Crafts are always fun to make! Find a few crafts to make with your family. These crafts can be Labor Day books, pictures, or drawings. The great part about creating crafts is that this moment can be used to teach the history behind Labor Day.

Who said that Labor Day couldn’t be fun at home? This Labor Day, take time to really enjoy your family at home while engaging in one of the five activities. Maybe you’ll find a new family tradition.

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