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Spring Cleaning, Summer Edition

Ever heard of Spring Cleaning? Well, this is the Summer Edition. 

Here are 5 ways to declutter your home while making sure it’s your oasis during quarantine:

1. Start in an area that is most cluttered.

It’s helpful to start in the room that is most cluttered.

Usually, this area is the bedroom or living room because that is where people spend most of their time and begin to pile household items. For some, starting big can be overwhelming but it actually gives motivation once you’ve tackled a large space to continue decluttering other rooms.

When decluttering, it is important to think about the end result. Think about what the room or space would be like when the room is completed.

2. Keep what’s necessary and toss the junk.

Grab a trash bag and 1 bin. Anything that you intend to keep, but is in the wrong area can be placed in the bin. The goal is to get rid of the clutter. Don’t become overwhelmed by over-organizing. Doing this will cause frustration and you may quit. Take the trash bag to each room and toss the junk! Junk is trash, random pieces of paper, broken items, and the things that are unnecessarily taking up space. If something is taking great space and serves no purpose in the home (meaning it will never be used or hasn’t been used) then toss it.

3. Don’t stop to take a break.

Sounds crazy right? Stopping makes it very likely to not finish. Taking a “short break” is just a set up for one to never return back. That little voice in your head telling you that you can finish this tomorrow is simply a distraction! Get the job done today and push yourself.

4. Put items in their appropriate area.

Remember that bin from earlier? When decluttering all rooms, don’t forget to put the items from the bin back in its appropriate area. Skipping this step will cause things to become lost over time and may begin to cause clutter all over again. For example, having dishes from the kitchen in the bedroom, take them back to their designated area. With this, one must also make plans to not only place the dish in the kitchen but thoroughly clean this item and store it in the cabinet.

5. Separate items by seasons.

It’s the summer and it’s time to put up those old pumpkins and decorative leaves. Store those items in a box and label them. Go through your home and separate any items you plan to keep by its season. This is great to do because not only does it declutter your home, but it helps with organization. It is a hassle to find decorations when they are missing. Pull out the summer items only. This includes going into the closet too. Take out the summer clothes and shoes and box up the rest!

Again, the day is coming where you can travel and enjoy getting out again. Until then, decluttering your home is necessary. Follow these 5 ways to declutter your home and enjoy the peace and space that follows.

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