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Goal Setting Habits for Success!


  1. Develop a reasoning for wanting to achieve your goals, which is essential to your daily motivation in accomplishing each goal. Be sure to have a strong and clear reasoning, so that you stay motivated until success.
  2. Write each goal down carefully and with a detailed description. Be sure it is something you can accomplish in one year. If your goal takes more than one year, be sure to break down the goal into 3-4 checkpoints. This will allow small victories along the way as each checkpoint is achieved.
  3. Celebrate every checkpoint and goal accomplished to give an added motivation to continue accomplishing all of the goals on your list. This makes each goal that much more worth it!
  4. Don’t quit. If your reasoning for your goals is strong, your motivation should be too. Continue to look back at the reasoning for your goals this year to keep your motivation and determination high.
  5. Share your goals with two good friends or family members. By speaking your goals out loud, it fuels your desire to accomplish them.

Make it a great year!

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