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Make Moving A Breeze

AdobeStock_875483721.Buying a home is an important step that should be celebrated! Choosing a great realtor you can trust, will alleviate stresses and keep your moving list much shorter, so start with a top realtor

2. Also remember, things are subject to change. Don’t be too hasty with putting in your 30 days notice to your landlord. Wait until you are absolutely certain; however, having a letter drafted for when that perfect time comes, is a splendid idea.

3. Stay clear of making large purchases on things you haven’t fully saved for, including furniture sets and vehicles. Most mortgage companies pay attention to any financing during the pre-approval stage and closing time.

4. Make a list of things you’ll require for home upkeep and research brands that fit your budget. Whether you’ll need a lawnmower, hedge shears, a vacuum or even a cleaning service or lawn service, having this list will make life so much easier.

5. Keep in mind utilities have to be turned off and on. Once you have your move-in date secured, schedule the utilities you need turned off and turned on (with minimal overlap). Forgetting to do so can cause an unnecessary increase in your utilities and most companies will allow you to pre-schedule your end date.

6. Moving should be an easy one-day event. Start thinking about a core group of friends or family members that would be willing to help and schedule them as early as possible. There are also several moving companies that offer extremely reasonable rates. Knowing who your movers are, definitely adds an ease to moving into your new home.

7. Remember to celebrate! On your first night in, have a glass of wine to toast the move or cook your favorite dish. Your first moments in your new home should be memorable ones you’ll cherish forever.




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