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well travelledA love of travel knows no boundaries—it extends out the door, on the road, and can also be reflected in a carefully curated home. While I usually tend to lean more mid-century minimalist with my interiors, this season I am feeling more worldly. It can be difficult to achieve an eclectic aesthetic that feels effortless yet pulled together. But if you’re after just such a look, the addition of global textiles and accessories can add the perfect depth to any style of decor.

There are several elements of a global home, one that has the feel of your favorite destinations, showcase your passion for travel with these design tips and tricks:

Rich, strong colors. They automatically command attention. When choosing paint colors, consider the hues of a favorite place you’ve stayed, or even draw inspiration from souvenirs, like a tapestry or a piece of pottery. Use bold colors in small, saturated doses or as a striking backdrop on the walls.

A mix of old and new. It’s okay to use a one-of-a-kind antique chair, for example, alongside some sleeker, more modern pieces. Mixing styles instantly creates an eclectic and traveled feel.

A carefully curated collection. Consider displaying artwork or other travel keepsakes you’ve accumulated over the years. If you have several pieces—framed vintage paintings or a collection of plates found in an outdoor market, for example—try grouping them together for maximum impact in the space.

A mix of cultural influences. You don’t have to choose between your love of French-inspired chairs and Chinese pottery. A collection of the styles you love can all come together in a—dare we say—melting pot of design.

A strong statement piece. There should be at least one conversation starter, like a huge pendant light that automatically draws you into the room. Sometimes it’s worth the hassle to bring home one big piece from your travels, as it sets the tone for the whole space. Fortunately, there are options online that can give you a similar feel if you can’t travel to your dream destination in the near future.

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