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tips to prepare for home inspection


When you get to the point of the inspection, you’re nearing the finish line! Hopefully, the pointers mentioned below will help you cross it with ease!

Home Inspection Tips to prepare your Home.

1) Make sure all interior and exterior light fixtures work. If an outdoor fixture bulb is out, the inspector has to note that the fixture does not operate correctly.

2) Provide access to the furnace, water heater and electrical panel. Also, the inspector must be able to remove the electrical panel cover. If the panel is locked, remove it.

3) Install a new furnace filter and vacuum the register. It will be looked at during the inspection and be considered as a part of the overall condition of the furnace or heat pump.

4) Ensure that windows operate smoothly. If some are stuck or painted shut, the impression will be that many windows cannot open. Also, remove window security screws or provide keys for window security locks.

5) Replace all damaged window screens, and make sure all operating windows have screens.

6) Tighten all door knobs and tighten or repair all handrails. Also check to be sure that all interior doors will latch to the strike plate.

7) Clear the way to the attic access panel or pull down, especially in a closet. The inspector will enter every attic.8.If you use your attic for storage, remove any items that will inhibit the inspector.

8) Be sure that there is a minimum of one smoke detector per floor.

9) Provide keys or unlock sheds and outbuildings.

10) Verify all utilities will be on at the time of inspection, and that gas pilots (including fireplaces) are lit.

11) Remove or restrain pets on site.

12) Empty the washer and dryer so they can be tested. The dishwasher can be run whether it is full or empty.

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