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spicy jalapeno margaritas

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Happy Friday! I just wanted to pop in for a minute and share this easy recipe for the spicy margaritas we served at our margarita party a few weeks ago. They were such a big hit – tart, smooth, not too sweet, and most importantly – spicy. The perfect refreshing cocktail for a Valentines day!

Jalapeño margaritas

Yield: party size – fills 1 pitcher


◾3 cups good (plain) tequila

◾1 cup Grand Marnier

◾1.5 cups fresh lime juice

◾1 cup simple syrup (or sub agave syrup to taste)


◾lime & jalapeño slices for garnish

◾salt for the glasses, optional


jalapeño infused tequila:

◾1 cup tequila

◾1/2 a sliced jalapeño



1.Make the jalapeño tequila. Add the jalapeño to the tequila and let it sit at room temp for a few hours or up to a day.

2.Remove jalapeños and pour into a small serving glass. Serve on the side so guests can add as much or little spice as they like.

3.Mix together the margarita ingredients.

4.Add a few drops of the spicy tequila, to taste, to finished margaritas. (it’s very spicy – start with less, you can always add more)


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