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mocow mule

You probably recognize the name of this cocktail – round our circle of friends, we know it as Finnegan favorite.

Moscow Mules usually contain sugar syrup – which involves melting sugar and water together. To make it easier, I add Sierra Mist Natural as the sweetener instead of the sugar syrup… and did you know it is made with real sugar, no artificial ingredients, 100% natural flavoring? The addition of Sierra Mist adds a light, sparkling touch without adding too much sweetness. Your guests will love this potent cocktail that is refreshingly tart and very easy going down. A sprig of rosemary dresses it up for the holidays!

Moscow Mule

with Sierra Mist Natural

1/2 lime, in wedges

1 ounce vodka

Fresh lime juice

1/4 cup ginger beer

1/4 cup of Sierra Mist

sprig of Rosemary

In a copper mug (if available), squeeze lime wedges, and put the entire wedges in the bottom of the glass. Add ice. Pour vodka over ice. Top with ginger beer, Sierra Mist and stir. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.



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