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the new neutral

neutral 2Neutrals are my first love but they’re also very practical.  A neutral color palette is all about practicality. Neutrals are so classic and timeless, you can always add pops of color in accessories or pillows. You get a lot more longevity with neutrals especially when you’re investing in sofas and rugs.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve a neutral color palette without it looking flat.

1. Neutral Isn’t Just White. When you want to design a neutral room, it is important to incorporate a variety of whites and creams, To

me, neutral is not necessarily all white. Mix in creams, grays, [and] even some metallic golds and silvers. Neutral Light is a Must.

2.  Natural light is key to a neutral room. Magnify the windows with floor-length linen draperies. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, create ambience through layers of lighting. I’m not a

fan of overhead lighting in every room.

3. Table and floor lamps are great, but put everything on a dimmer.

4.  Neutrals Need Texture. “Mixing textures is just as important as mixing shades of color, leathers, linens, sisal, and cotton velvets are great. Mixing texture adds warmth and makes your space feel livable.

5. Add layers of texture to your sofas, chairs, and even layer different textures on the floor. All white can be very sterile and cold; the different textures add depth and interest, which adds warmth.”

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