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Whether it’s the front yard or a backyard patio, a beautiful outdoor area increases your property value and personal enjoyment. A well-landscaped yard creates curb appeal and helps your property retain maximum value. Here are a few tips and tricks for sprucing up your outdoor spaces.

Landscaping Tips and Tricks

1. Green up the grass: If your house has a front yard, make sure it‘s neat and green. You don’t want bare spots, sprawling weeds, or an untrimmed appearance.

2. Add colorful planting beds: Flower beds add color and help enliven otherwise plain areas, such as along driveways and the edges of walkways.

3. Add landscape lighting: For homeowners who have made a sizable investment in landscaping, it makes sense to think about adding another 10% to 15% to the bill for professional lighting.

4. Plant a tree: The value of mature trees is particularly difficult to determine. But a properly placed shade tree can shave as much as $32 a year on your energy bills

Proper Landscaping Design

Make sure you put things in the right places when you start landscaping. Plants need certain conditions to thrive, so make sure you put them in the correct place in your garden. Considerations to think about are how much light, shade, wind and weather exposure plants will receive in the various places in your yard.  Even the smallest yard can be landscaped in visually stunning ways. Space can help direct interest. Additions, such as a garden or birdbath, can add a world of beauty. If you put together a variety of different flowering plants, you can produce a garden where something is always blooming.



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